About Us


At ELLE TENAJ, we believe in the power of fashion to change lives. Our mission is to empower women to confidently pursue their dreams by offering a curated collection of stylish and versatile pieces to elevate their wardrobe for every occasion.

Our brand is inspired by the love and support of a special grandma, Janet, who has always encouraged our founder, Juelle, to chase her passion for fashion. In honor of Janet, Juelle has named the brand ELLE TENAJ, which is a combination of her name and Janet's name spelled backwards.

We are committed to helping women look and feel their best as they navigate their journey through life. Whether you're dressing for a special occasion, a night out with friends, or a day at the office, we have the perfect pieces to help you make a lasting impression.

At ELLE TENAJ, we believe that fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, but about the person you become when you wear them. Join us in our mission to change lives one hanger at a time.