About Us


Elle Tenaj is inspired by a loving Grandma named Janet. When the owner, Juelle Alexandra was younger she dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She would sew clothes for her Barbie dolls on her first sewing machine her mother bought her. Janet would always motivate and inspire Juelle by letting her know she would become a fashion designer while the rest of the world wanted her to become something else deemed successful in this world. Janet wanted to be a writer, but never had the chance to fulfill that dream so she always told her children and grandchildren to follow their dreams.

Juelle decided not to become a fashion designer in the beginning but knew she wanted to be in the fashion industry. She obtained an Associate degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor degree in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing. While pursuing college, she started her career as a Wardrobe & Personal Stylist and has been on set dressing celebrities such as Ryan Lochte, Anne Hathaway, K. Michelle and more. After college while styling, she started a career in retail management. In 2017, Janet, a loving grandma passed away. This was devasting for Juelle, but she knew that she had to honor her grandma by chasing her dreams. Juelle knew the ultimate goal was to work for herself, so she decided to go back to school full time to pursue her Masters in Business Administration.

In 2019, Juelle decided to create a company for her grandma that will inspire others to chase their dreams. On October 3rd, 2019, ELLE TENAJ was born. Juelle graduated with her MBA in December 2019. Today, Juelle is a Fashion Entrepreneur, Senior E-commerce Manager, and a Realtor breaking down barriers and chasing her dreams while inspiring others to do the same. Elle Tenaj is “Changing Lives One Hanger at a Time” by inspiring women to chase their dreams, to unapologetically be themselves, and to dress well through their journey.


ELLE TENAJ is dedicated to "Changing Lives One Hanger at a Time". 

ELLE TENAJ is curated for women that live their life unapologetically while following their dreams.
We offer curated styles to elevate your closet for your most memorable occasions.
ELLE TENAJ is inspired by a loving grandma named Janet. Janet supported the owner, Juelle to follow her fashion dreams since she was a little girl. In honor of Janet, Juelle dedicated the brand to her and to remind others to follow their dreams.
ELLE is the ending of Juelle, and TENAJ is Janet spelled backwards.